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Here we go folks. Finally got around to creating a Masterlist of all my fics, vids, analysis etc. Should make life a bit easier for anyone who stumbles across one thing and wants to go looking for the rest. Most of it is in my Memories anyhow, but here you go.

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My Daughter

Wow, LJ got shiny. Not sure I like the new look.

Anyway, as promised, here's an image of my baby girl when she was a day old.


Been So Long

It's been such a long time since I last updated this journal. I've been spending much of my time on my Tumblr where I am once again an active participant in the Supernatural fandom. My Twitter has become primarily political with a side of the news, and I'm considering putting together a new blog somewhere to write opinion pieces regarding politics. I'm not going to do it here though.

The other major thing that's happened in my life? I gave birth to my first child. A beautiful baby daughter. I'll upload a picture of her once Photobucket comes back up.

I'm going to try to be more active on here. You could say it's my New Years Resolution. I tend to post new fics over onto AO3 these days which, in my opinion, is easier to navigate than LJ and doesn't have the restrictions that FF.N does. I still miss the old FF.N with author notes and adult content.

I'm am often seeing people writing about how Dean and Castiel are the same as Kirk and Spock, and most them them write how this justifies the Destiel ship. Now, I ship Destiel and am also a Star Trek TOS fan I felt I had to weigh into the debate.

I have analysed the three leading characters of both shows (Dean/Sam/Cas and Kirk/Spock/McCoy) and drawn parallels accordingly in relation to their characterisation and interaction with one another.

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Just got the phone call I've been waiting for but dreading. My grandmother just passed away in her sleep. She was my last surviving grandparent.

Supernatural Drabble - Sensative

Castiel let his head fall forward onto his folded arms, moaning softly as he rocked his hips forward into the sheets. He focused on those hands, moving with expert precision through the feathers of his wings. Hands that new every hidden spot, every pleasure point, that could bring him undone.

The heat of the others naked body straddling his own made him even harder, Cas chewing his lower lip as he closed his eyes. He gasped as fingertips pressed into one particularly sensitive area, and finally Cas had had enough.



"Stop teasing and fuck me already."

The elder laughed. "Sure thing, bro."

Supernatural Drabble - Right Idea

Castiel closed his eyes, trying to regain his breath. He felt two hands touch his face, thumbs dragging over his cheeks.

"Don't you dare," Dean said. "Open your eyes."

Castiel swallowed, forcing his eyes open to meet Dean's loving look. "It's... not quite what I expected."

Dean grinned, leaning up to kiss him. "Good though, yeah?"

"Yes," Castiel replied. "I just..." his hands tightened in the sheets on either side of Dean's body. "I'm... not entirely sure what to do."

"Just go with it," Sam said, pressing a soft kiss to the back of Castiel's neck.

Castiel nodded, his body trembling with the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded and filled at once. He moved his hips, and when he heard both brother's groan he knew what he had to do. He started them on a rhythm that would take them to completion - he inside Dean; Sam inside Cas.

Yes, Castiel thought to himself, coming back had been the correct decision.


Got an email tonight saying I've been dropped from the Victorian Storm Chasers. Reason? My health. Because, you know, food poisoning is a bad bad thing. Not to mention a concussion from a bloody large curtain rod falling on my head. Despite these things I had kept working, doing updates on fires, liking posts, and putting together albums for the site. Heck, I even went out on a storm chase while I was still vomiting so I could get pictures for them!

But you know how it goes. Sometimes 110% isn't enough for some people if you don't live on the site. I'd occasionally go for walks, do other things (like write, update tumblr, go on Facebook, spend time with my fiance). Not good enough. And because I didn't spend all my time in their chat, I got a little email saying "this is where we part". No forewarning, just gone.

I had wondered why the group had so many people who hated them. I'm beginning to understand why. You put your time and effort into something, including sitting up all night doing warnings, only to be told "thanks but no thanks". It really adds to ones self-confidence and self-worth. It's like the bloody "Chill Server" for Minecraft all over again, only sadly this time it's adults not an immature 15-year-old boy.

I swear, it seems that, no matter what I do, I can't do anything right.

Title: Just the Two of Us
Author: Jedi Princess Clarrisani
Rating: PG
Pairing: past Sam/Dean (Wincest)
Summary: John finds it hard to forgive Sam for abandoning Dean to go to Stanford.
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Setting: pre-series. Dean is 25.


John Winchester sighed as he pulled his truck into the parking place next to the Impala...Collapse )


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